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Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Little Perspective

The good Lord knows what he's doing. Even when we may not think He does. I had one of "THOSE" days today. It felt like everything was all down hill. Started with the magazine truck being late, putting my day behind. Then it went to trying the organic veggie hot dogs (DON"T DO IT!) that were recommended for my new attempt at a healthier life. Trust me when I say that is an experience I'm not likely to forget soon. Only seven hours sleep last night and I'm a nine hour or have a pot of coffee ready type of gal. Then I was off to my ENT Dr. Schreck. This guy seems really nice. He's got a sense of humor and he's thorough when answering questions. I don't usually really like doctors very well from past experience, but I give this guy an A+. My appointment was for two in the afternoon and I got in right at two, so I figured my day must be looking up. It was to some degree. No news of cancer or anything else frightening to that effect. I got to see my CT Scan. How cool is that? How many of you can say you've seen the inside of your head? I thought it was cool. Then my day went back the way it goes. The doctor showed me what a regular CT scan might look like, then he showed me mine. Ouch! OK, so I have no nasal cavity path on the right side. Do I need one? So it's now pushed over into the left side and is causing me breathing issues and sinus issues. Along with headaches and sore throats and a whole bunch of things. My inside nasal cavity actually looks like it's Playdoh and it looks like someone punched it on the right side. Yep shoved everything over into my left nasal cavity and up into my upper sinus path. It explains a lot. Good news per the doctor is they can fix it. Do it all the time it seems. Seems it's not so uncommon. They will remove the growth or protrusion and they will trim back the nasal cavity and shove everything back where it belongs. Yep, you guessed it. Surgery. Up through the nostrils. Doc didn't pull any punches either. Basically this is gonna hurt like hell, but really really be worth it. OK. Need to let that sink in a bit. They will basically reconstruct on the inside then put splints in. Then seven days of pain and agony and about the time I feel better I get to go back so they can yank the splints out and put me back in pain. Hum. I get to pay for this too. Well, Insurance and I. Only about a week to two weeks off work. My guess is I'll sleep through it all if I can. So off to work I went. Walking down the long hallway, to get my water as usual, and there was my perspective on the day. I was feeling bad for myself. Really kind of bummed. Surgery of any kind is surgery. It scares me to death. Then those of you that know me know that I'm a walking pharmacy because pain and I just don't get along. Yet right there on the wall was my reason to stop feeling sorry for myself and face that life could have dealt me a worse blow than this. A thirty year old man (who worked in our building), married with four young children, died from complications from his diabetes. Reality check was that this poor woman with four small children had lost her companion. Her heart must be breaking and the fear of how to raise four babies with out him must be overwhelming. So as bad a day as I was having it was nothing. It put a spin on my emotional roller coaster ride that put me back to thinking it really isn't that bad. A little perspective in life is all we need sometimes.

PS.. No the picture is not my CT Scan. Maybe I'll see if I can get that one to put up here but this is just an example one off the net.

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ida said...

pretty darn cool about your nose in a surgical way. i will be praying for you sheila. you right when we are feeling bad for ourselves there is always someone that has it worse. and i hate to admit this but that thought has helped me threw the rough times