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Since I've always been quick with an opinion an old friend once lost and again found suggested that perhaps I should share with more people my commentary. Never being one to pass on a challenge I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Boo! You're fired!

So yesterday was Halloween and the above picture is of (Left to right) my niece Ashley, My second cousin Katie, and my nephew Dakota. They were all just as adorable as they could be. I asked Katie if she was a monster and she said: "Yes, but a good monster!" One of the first stops for all of them was of course at my house. Katie was off for her uncle John to take her trick or treating and well, my dad and my brother took my niece and nephew around the neighborhood while my mother and I had fun handing out the treats to the ghosts and lions and goblins that came to the door. Surprisingly we didn't get as many trick or treaters as we normally do. There were only about twenty that came through. It was warm and a good night for it. I'm wondering how much the economy and fear of danger to the children played in the decline this year. I know at my work place several people were told on Thursday through out the country that they were going to be out of jobs. From the sound of things more layoff's are expected in the months ahead. I couldn't help but think of one man who lost his job as a supervisor yesterday. He is knowledgeable, personable, a hard worker (in my opinion) and should not have been the one to go. There were bodies that got very lucky yesterday that should have gone long before him. They should count their lucky stars and their blessings. This man though has five children. He is what I would call one of the good guys. He often speaks of his family with love. He loves his wife and wouldn't ever dream of trading her or his children for anything else. The other person although I don't wish them unemployed and I at times can't help but like them. Doesn't talk with pride about their family but rather missing the days of youth and freedom. I have to believe that God will watch out for the man who lost his job. I have to believe that there is a reason for everything. Wouldn't be so bad if that same man's wife hadn't just lost her job not too far back either. Now neither will be working. So as the trick or treaters started around and everyone went on with their day as if nothing was going on and all was good. I couldn't help but think of those poor people who may be out trying to have fun with their children on Halloween night, yet not knowing how they will support those same children tomorrow. Our economy sucks. It has for a couple of years. I can remember Mr. Bush saying it didn't. It's easy to say it isn't if you aren't there to witness first hand the closing of business's by the loads full.

There is fear at the company I work for by the employees. They fear the upcoming holidays. Will they be employeed into the new year? Will they get their walking papers. It seems sad to me that the world I grew up in doesn't seem to exist anymore. A world where you had company loyalties and people often worked for one company their whole lives. It seems sad that trick or treating may be on it's way to extinction and children some day may not get the opportunity. It's all ready nothing close to what it was when I was growing up. In a time when a group of friends and no adults could walk the surrounding neighborhoods. Where you never heard of bad things like the poor boy who got shot trick or treating last night. Either way Halloween is meant to be a night of spooks, but I guess the thought of laying those people off a day before they are suppose to have a fun evening with their children just kind of leaves me ill. The same way holiday layoff's will leave me ill. Corporate America and Scrooge. Somehow I think the two have become synonimous. Don't you?


ida said...

they have always been this way. my mother talked of having christmas with a christmas tree made out of cardboard when my brother and sister were young. i dont think they had much for presents. my mom still had her job at bendix and my dad had just gotten layed off from studebaker 2 weeks before christmas. its a normal thing to shut plants down and lay people off around the holidays. and now days they dont give you a letter saying your layed off until after they shut the doors. sigh... that is why i took my moms advice. dont have anymore kids then you can afford and support on your (meaning me) salary alone. make sure the home loan is based upon the smallest income in the house. alot of people dont like buying down but things like that really helps whenever bad things do happen.

Ritchie said...

I have always wondered what goes through the managers minds in corporate america. Does it go something like this: "Let's pick a date to let a bunch of people go. Oh, why not December 24, 2008. Yea, that will work. Merry Christmas and here is your pink slip!". Why is it they can't wait one more day as in the case of the people who they let go before Halloween? Why couldn't they have done this on Monday? Oh, wait, it starts a new pay week and would screw up the payroll!!
DUH, My bad!