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Monday, September 8, 2014

What is Love?

I suppose one could say I’m a little twisted, or maybe I’m normal. Who knows what any of that means anymore? I suppose every generation see’s theirs as the one that had life more simple and humble. I really should have been born much earlier. I would love to have been a stay home wife and raised children and kept house. That wasn’t the plan that God had for me though. At least that wasn’t His plan for me in this lifetime. I do believe our childhood was a simple one. We played with mud and sticks and climbed trees. We lived outside no matter the temperature. We loved it. We knew the neighborhood kids and we knew how to be creative. It’s sad that technology and lack of most parents’ ability to parent are taking that away from our children. Children need to be outside. They need to learn creativity. Our future for this world is bleak without that. They no longer need to see a stick as a horse or a gun as they play cowboys and Indians. As a matter of fact our society would lock them away for playing cops and robbers. How stupid have people become that they believe children playing with toy guns and imitating movies for play makes them criminals? Children become criminals for many reasons. Some of my opinions on why are because we’ve become a society of entitlement. They feel they are entitled to do or take whatever they want. They are constantly told they are good even when they are not. We haven’t taught them to respect anything or anyone. The Bible says “Spare the rod, spoil the child”. Don’t get your panties in a wad people; I’m not into beating kids. I don’t believe in beating children. I also though do not believe that warming their behinds every now and then hurts them either though. I think parents should allow some game time and some television time, but they would be better to make their kids do art, read, exercise, do work around the house. Make their children strong and give them ethics instead of caving into what is easier because they are exhausted. No, I’m not a parent. I wish I were. I’ve dealt with my fair share of children though and without any incidents I’m happy to say. None of this has to do with the title above though or maybe it does. I mean if we truly love our children the way I believe we are supposed to we want what is best for them before all else. After all children do not ask to be born, but rather either we are negligent or we decide we want children. Either way it’s our responsibility to guide them and direct them in every way possible to give them the best possible life. What I am contemplating today is how people view love and what it means to love or be in love. Granted they are two totally different ends of a similar scope. I mean when you’re in love with someone you love them, but when you love someone you are not necessarily “in” love with them. Now I know love is always a little one sided but it’s usually pretty even I believe if it’s true love. I know how I feel it is. If I love someone I go out of my way for them. I try to make sure they know it. If I’m in love with someone I not only do the aforementioned but I also try to make sure I don’t hurt their feelings with non-relevant side to what may change about their appearance. You see I know that especially for men what they see is important. Women feel that way too guys, but a difference in me that I don’t know if other people have is I don’t have to be attracted to a guy by appearance to want him sexually. Maybe that is what first attracts you to someone but I can see a guy who’s hot as hell and have no interest in sex or a relationship with him for the way he acts. Arousal to me is about how someone stimulates your senses and your mind. Now I know we are talking about love and not arousal but if you’re in love with someone you want to make them happy in my mind which means you want to satisfy them in every way possible that you can. We aren’t promised we’ll always look the way we did when we met someone. We could get in a car accident or we could have cancer or a whole world of possible other things will occur. I mean natural aging is one example. What I want out of love is someone who’s willing to be with me thru it all. Stick by me. Encourage me with love and optimizing behavior to produce that. I know self-worth is found inside you; however, emotional stability can be hindered by so many sources. Love is important for everyone. Whether we believe that love is important to us or not it is. I guess the question really is what is love? I mean can you love someone and put them down? Can you love someone and lie to their face constantly about the smallest of things? If you love someone do you criticize and find fault with them? I guess I am a little twisted. In reality I suppose we are all a little twisted at times. Love isn’t defined by one act, it’s not sex, but intimacy is important to any relationship worth having. Love should not be hard or painful. What is it the bible says? Love is patient. Love is kind. For me I guess love truly is blind because it will never be about looks or what someone has or lacks in monetary worth or physical abilities. Love for me is forgiving and trusting. It knows without heavy burden or doubts. In the end I suppose each of us really does have to stop and ask ourselves, what is love?

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