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Friday, August 20, 2010

Where Monsters Lurk...

You would think I would be afraid of the darkness. I suppose on some level a small part of me is. I just can’t seem to let myself be gripped by the horror of one night. After all I have lived more than one night and I have been out many more nights where nothing went wrong than those that had mishaps. Stubborn, yes, I suppose I am. We are taught as small children to fear what lurks in the darkness. We conjure up images of monsters. Monsters so hideous in appearance that we dare not look them in the face. What I found out that night was that monsters don’t look any different than you or I. Monsters can be found among those that live within the confines of our own little community of acquaintances. Even then what the monsters take from us are nothing compared to the horror of what those we love do afterwards.

The above passage is from a book I’m writing. It seems so fitting with
this topic though I thought I would throw it out there for you to read. So
when you think of monsters do you think of the cute cuddly ones from “Monsters Inc.” or do you think of the horrid nasty little buggers from Aliens? The monsters that are lurking out there that I want to warn you about have names and walk on two legs. They have very little brain power and possess little ability to show signs of being human. I can’t give their last names without getting in trouble or their yahoo id’s or anything like that, but if you have a fear that you may know them feel free to write me and I’ll give you the details. Feel free to ask me questions. There are three guys out on the dating websites who think it’s cute to play games and try to intimidate women. Now on the dating websites one may start to feel too comfortable and at ease. I’m warning you don’t. I recently had two different guys on the sites approach me (I’m currently hidden on all the sites cause I got tired of the bull so I stopped). The first guy sent me a friend request on TAGG. Now I am a very accepting person and will attempt to be friends with almost anyone. I told this guy from the get go that I had no interest in dating him. He asked if we could just be friends, said he was dating a girl named Laurie and all he wanted was friends to talk to since she doesn’t live in Fort Wayne and he gets lonely. I saw nothing wrong with emails to keep him from being lonely if he wanted to send them. Big mistake, learn from me, don’t be that nice. He wanted to yahoo messenger so again, naive as I am I agreed. To this point no harm no fowl, until I get an email with a video of him jacking off. I sent him an email back saying I didn’t appreciate it and he pretended like he sent it in error. I told him I didn’t want anything to do with him and got rid of all his information, forgot to block him though, silly me. A couple of weeks later he pops up on
messenger asking me how my day is. I thought he was a different guy named Mark and responded. Again I got an email with a video, this time with a dark curly haired girl giving him a blow job. I went off on him. I
sent him an email asking him why on earth he would think anyone would want this. He told me I was a hateful woman. I blocked him from yahoo messenger and TAGG and I informed the health club that when I’m there and he’s there I would like a heads up because he creeps me out. Yes, unfortunately this nut bag goes to the same gym as I do. So a day later another yahoo messenger pops up from an id I don’t recognize at all. It turns out this is a guy named CJ that I had emailed a couple of times with on TAGG a month earlier and had no interest in so I had forgotten all about him. I sent him an instant message saying basically sorry I don’t recognize the id, who are you? Well the instant messaging went well for a good portion of the day. We seemed to have a lot in common and it was going well. We were going to get together over the weekend but he dropped off and I didn’t hear from him all weekend and I just assumed he lost interest. So I got a new pop up from him on Tuesday and then again on Wednesday. On Wednesday I was working with my WEBCAM and trying to figure some things out and he pops up and wants to invite himself to view my CAM. I declined his self imposed invite, which just pissed the yell out of this guy. He went nuts and told me I would in no uncertain terms let him view my CAM. He got very verbally abusive called me some very nasty names, told me I was lying to him. I simply responded that I had my rights and that he and I were not dating and I wasn’t sure what he was getting so angry about. He went off again called me an F’N C and a whore and told me he was going to make sure I was very sorry. He told me he didn’t play games. Now this was a little nerve racking, but he didn’t have my home phone number or cell or even my home address. So I was like ok so what are you going to do. I simply told him I was glad I found out about his anger issues before I met him and I’d appreciate it if he would not contact me anymore. He kept going off. I tried to be as apologetic as possible while holding my ground because he does have some seriously dramatic anger problems that he needs help with. This guy is probably the type of guy that likes to beat and strangle a woman during sex. Now that is a scary thought. Except for the fact that someone so psychotic is out there I was actually kind of relieved not to be meeting yet another guy. I kind of think I may have a relationship starting so I wasn’t sure I wanted to go anyway. What is even worse is the next morning I get another Yahoo message from this guy stating that I need to do some serious making up to him for my behavior. HUH? Yeah. Well, as it turns out other women have been bothered by CJ and his buddy Marc. Yes you read it correctly. The two nut jobs know each other. Now I blocked them, and I haven’t heard from either of them since yesterday morning so I am hoping they are smart enough to go away for my sake and for theirs. What these two idiots don’t realize is that picking on me is picking on the wrong girl. I have no qualms with letting friends and family take care of them, taking care of them myself or calling the police. I have a log of every message from these two. I’m thinking I’ll just keep that and give a copy or two to my friends. I actually know where the one works and where both of them live. I’m ahead of the game from what I can tell. Moral of the story here is be careful ladies. I suppose that goes for you guys too after having seen “Fatal Attraction.” The monsters that lurk out there don’t look any different than you or I. I do have pictures of both of these guys and I hear there is a third that works with them too. If you want to be safe I have their yahoo ids and information as well. So if you have questions ladies let me know offline I’ll be more than happy to share any information you want. One just never knows where monsters lurk.

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ida said...

i think that is why i dont date. i dont care for 2 legged monsters. i'm very happy by myself for the most part. noone yelling at me. noone lying. noone treating me bad.

right now if i did date it would be your brother and thats out of the question becouse i'm over 100 miles away. lol